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Future Darkly: Pandemic - Anthony's Date

  • Updated 01-28-2021 |

'Life without love, is no life at all.'
-Leonardo da Vinci

SCENE OPENS on Anthony (Michael Vegas) walking down a desolate street, returning home from a shopping trip. He is wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a couple of paper bags as he enters his home. Anthony approaches a homemade disinfecting station by his doorway. He opens the bags and begins efficiently disinfecting the products and bags. He then enters his main living area. He does it all without concern, as if it's a normal routine.

Later that day, Anthony sits at his computer having a video conversation with his mom. Anthony tells her that he's missed her but time got away from him. All the days feel the same and he's been having trouble remembering dates. She says she's missed him, too, and that she is worried about him being all alone for so long. She wishes he'd use a dating service to find a nice girl to be with in lockdown. She can suggest one. He puts on a brave smile, lying and assuring her that he's fine. But his hands are tightly clenched against his knees.

After the call, Anthony goes about his everyday routine. He cooks alone, exercises alone, does everything alone. Finally, he can't take it anymore and signs up for a dating service that promises to find his perfect AI match.

A female AI, Aurora (Ana Foxxx) greets him. She is instantly warm and friendly, asking him personal questions about what he's looking for in a partner. He gives some answers, but when Aurora asks questions about his sexual preferences, he's taken aback. He asks Aurora if they could just get to know each other a bit first.

As they get to know each other, Anthony becomes more and more comfortable with Aurora's company. When he's cooking, he wonders what he can use as a substitution and Aurora helpfully answers. When he exercises, she encourages him to keep going when he gets tired. When he goes to bed, Aurora wishes him goodnight.

Anthony is finally coming out of his shell as he falls for Aurora...but is his newfound happiness too good to be true?

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