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Future Darkly: Pandemic - Laura's Delivery

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'If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.'
-George Orwell

SCENE OPENS on Laura (Scarlit Scandal), who lies idly on the couch, staring at her laptop on the coffee table. She's wearing a yoga outfit, but she has no motivation to work out as she watches a yoga video from social media influencer Trudy (Serene Siren). The first 6 months of quarantine went smoothly. But nothing has been easy since her husband Michael was exposed. Laura's phone buzzes and she glances down. 'Can you please help me?' Michael texts. She stares at the message, feeling deflated.

In the bathroom, Laura stares at herself in the mirror as she removes her workout clothes, putting on a full battery of protective gear. Turning to face the door, she takes a deep breath before heading to help her husband.

A few moments later, Laura darts out of Michael's room with a tray. She leans against the door and looks down in disgust at the half-eaten food and used utensils. She takes another deep breath, as if she had been holding it.

In the kitchen, Laura washes and dries the plates and carefully removes her protective gear. From outside, the sound of a delivery truck approaches. Hearing this, Laura shuts off the water and turns to face the door. A smile crosses her face.

Laura rushes to the front window, just in time to see the no-contact delivery man (Jake Adams) walk up with her packages. Even though he's always masked, she's found herself watching him all quarantine. As he approaches, he catches sight of her through the window. Both of them stop for a moment and stare at each other. He sets her packages down and raises his hand to say hi. He pulls his mask down to smile at her.

The next day, Laura waits by the window in a robe. She has decided to get a little more flirtatious with the delivery man because she can't stop thinking about the way he smiled at her. It feels like forever since someone actually did that. Her phone buzzes. 'Can you bring me some water?' Michael texts. She throws the phone down in frustration. It buzzes again. She glances out the window and sees the delivery man approaching. He sets the packages down and quickly turns around, as Laura stares in disappointment.

She bends over to pick up her phone and get back to reality, when she suddenly hears him coming back. He is carrying a flower in his hand and carefully lays it down on the top package. Laura is so overwhelmed by the man's chivalrous return, that she instinctively opens the door and steps outside. Her robe falls open, exposing her lingerie. The man quickly backs up and stares at her in awe. 'You're very beautiful,' he says. 'So are you,' she replies, before realizing that she isn't wearing any protective gear. She clasps her hand over her mouth and nose in panic. 'Do you live here alone? I've noticed all the packages are marked for you,' he asks. Not knowing what to do, she nods. 'Whenever this lockdown ends, I'd love to take you out sometime,' he continues, taking a cautious step forward. '...If that would be ok?' Laura fidgets nervously before nodding. He takes another step and whispers, 'But, you know, they test essential workers every 24 hours in order to go outside, right?' She shakes her head, still petrified of removing her hand. He slips down his mask to reveal a big flirtatious smile. 'So, I know I'm negative. And, if you've been isolating alone this whole time, then technically you should be negative too.' He takes his gloved hand and slowly removes hers from her face.

They stare at each other, unmasked, breathing in the other's air. 'So, maybe we could go on a date even sooner?' he says coyly. She stares at him for a moment, a rush of endorphins surging through her body, before kissing him. It's the greatest feeling she's ever felt. She feels excited for the first time in months! 'May I come inside?' he asks. She swallows hard, remembering Michael. 'Just wait one minute,' she stammers and slams the door.

Laura's done everything she can to stay safe, but can anyone ever TRULY be safe?

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